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Welcome to MPlauncher

What's MPlauncher ?

MPlauncher is multiplatform GUI wrapper for commandline video player MPlayer. It's written using Qt4 opensource library. You can use it on Windows as well as on Linux and other platforms supported by Qt and MPlayer.

MPlauncher is mainly designed for convenient watching movies with subtitles. If you are sick of typing long command line to properly assign all parameters to watch movie(s) with subtitle, MPlauncher is for you.



Windows ready-to-run binary (with Qt shared libs, 6 font sizes included)
 mplauncher-1.0-win-binary.zip (5 MB)

Source code

 mplauncher-fonts-6-sizes.zip (copy them to binary location when compiling from source)

Feedback / contact

All suggestions / feedback are welcome. Email to sREMOVETHISector [at] yREMOVETHISnet [dot] sk